Tidal by Amanda Hocking

Tidal - Amanda Hocking

So, having finally finished Tidal, I can say that I loved just as much as Wake, and I thought it was far more interesting than Lullaby. This book had so many great moments in it, as well as a lot of plot twist. One part even made me cry a little, and I really do recommend this series to anyone. Anyway, my sort-of review:

 Firstly, there were so many brilliant Marcy moments in this book. She is definitely one of my favourite characters in this book. Every time she speaks, she says something hilarious/witty/brilliant/insert word of choice here.


Secondly, Daniel and Harper (or Darper as my friends and I call them). I assumed that, since they're offically together, we'd be having a load of cute moments between them. And we do, but they hardly kiss at all! It's the same frustrating "their lips brushed and then there was a commotion on the street." Of course, the best example is when Brian walked in on the two of them in Harper's bedroom. It was a great moment.

Also, because they're together at last, I thought it would be an easy ride for them. How wrong I was. Penn just had to go and ruin everything. And although I kind of understand why Daniel's agreed to Penn's deal, I wish he'd told Harper about it. 


Gemma and Alex are breaking my heart. It's just the way that Alex knows he's in love with Gemma but he hates her and he doesn't like any of the things he used to love anymore and it's so sad!


And that part that made me cry? When Brian goes to visit Gemma and Harper's mother. I just found that part so sad and heart-breaking.


Personally, I will probably reread this whole series, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of fantasy, mythology and romance.