The Path Of Daggers: WHEEL OF TIME Vol 8 (The Wheel of Time)

The Path of Daggers  - Robert Jordan This has been on my to-read list for a long time, and I’ve mainly been putting it off because of its length (although it’s actually one of the shorter books in the series). I read the seventh book in April, so my memory of those events wasn’t great, but I soon really got into the story told in this book. There’s no way I can review a book like this using my normal method, so I’ll change it a bit, because books in a series like this always get a little samey.


This particular cover is pretty simple, seeing as it’s similar to a lot of the other covers in the series. However, the logo of the series is cool and I like the way the wheel is weaved in with the snake. I also like the gold and black theme with this cover.


I really like some of the characters in this series, and it was nice seeing Aviendha, Elayne and Nynaeve doing something pretty important. I am a huge fan of Aviendha, because she’s awesome, and it was nice seeing Nynaeve and Lan getting some time together too.

The Bowl of Winds scene was amazing. I loved the way the different groups of women got together to make it work, and I’m also quite a big fan of the Athan M’iere. Also, the group went back to Caemlyn! I love Caemlyn! I got pretty excited in that part of the book.

One of the things I really like about this series is the way saidin affects Rand and the Asha’man. Seeing some of them slowly progress into madness was really interesting, and Rand’s reaction to the madness really made me want to read more of the book. His conversations with Lews Therin are also a great addition to the book.

Talking of Rand, he and Min make a great couple. She clearly cares about him a lot, and he’s lets down part of his “Dragon Reborn” shield when he’s around her. Those two are just adorable around each other, and I like how Min can change Rand’s personality a little to make him a better person.

I really liked the Seanchan parts of the book, especially when Robert Jordan started describing the raken. They’re clearly very dragon-like, and it’s so cool that this mysterious race of people pretty much has dragon riders. I did find the relationship between sul’dam and damanes a little odd and creepy though.

I love Faile and Perrin. Those two are possibly my favourite characters in the book, and I love the way they care about each other. They both get so confused about how the other is feeling all the time, but their relationship is rather cute.

Finally, the chapter symbols are so pretty! The wolf for Perrin is my favourite, and they really do add to the book.


Mat didn’t turn up once in the book. I was really disappointed. This happened in about book four (?) with Perrin, and I missed the inclusion of some of the light-heartedness that comes with Mat’s scenes.

There were quite a lot of characters who popped up from time to time that I just couldn’t keep track of them. Some were only in it a little, and so I really didn’t see why they had to be mentioned at all.

One thing that does annoy me about these books is the really long prologue that switches between several characters. It was about thirty pages long in this book and it just went on for too long. Similarly, there was a ridiculously long chapter about a battle that also lasted about thirty pages.

Another thing that tends to happen in these books is someone suddenly getting knocked out. It’ll be in the middle of their PoV, and then the next paragraphs will have skipped ahead a few moments. It really confuses me.

Something else that confused me was the difference between the Kin and the Knitting Circle. I assumed that they were the same people throughout the book, and then realized at the end that they really aren’t.

Overall, I did enjoy this book, and it was a nice addition to the series. It didn’t let me down at all, although it certainly didn’t blow me away.

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