Elegy (Watersong)

Birds & Animals in Honiton Lace - Saikoh Takano I’ve been desperate to read this book ever since I finished Tidal back in June. My copy arrived a couple of days ago, and I devoured this book. It definitely lived up to my expectations and was a perfect ending to this series.

UK version

It’s so pretty and it matches Tidal very well, if not the first two book in the series. I love the dress and the floaty-ness of the cover, and the art and title really stand out against the dark background. The colour scheme works really well and I really like the cover as a whole.


In Elegy, Gemma is still trying to find a way to break the curse of being a siren with the help of her family and friends. With Penn having murdered Lexi, a new siren has joined Penn, Thea and Gemma, and she is totally out of control. Gemma desperately needs help and so the search begins for the goddess who can break the curse and free Gemma. In the meantime, Penn has set her sights on Daniel and wants him for herself, but Daniel really doesn’t want to have to give into Penn. However, he’s ready to do anything to protect the girl he loves.

A lot happens in this book. It starts off quite simple with small problems getting in the way of the characters’ lives, and then the pace suddenly picks up a lot and everything happens in quick succession. Having said that, I wouldn’t say that the plot is rushed at all as there is a lot of development at the beginning of the book. There are also a lot of questions set up at the beginning of the book, and they’re all nicely answered by the end.

There were so many things I loved in this book too. Obviously, sirens are the main focus of the story, and I love the mythology that Amanda Hocking has used to explain them. I also love a bit of Greek/Roman mythology, so it’s awesome seeing it in books. The romance is also a very big part of these books, and Amanda Hocking is very good at writing it. I fell in love with all the couples in this book, and I found myself hoping that everything would end happily for everyone. The friendships are a nice element in this book too, as the characters all get along most of the time. There’s some really nice banter, especially from Marcy, and it’s nice to see that they have proper relationships that aren’t to do with romance.


There are so many characters in this book that I am in love with. Gemma, as heroines go, is a pretty good one, who is always ready to protect everyone she cares about and can also get on and do things. She never sits around crying or anything because of her situation, but goes and tries to figure out how to get herself out of every situation. I also think that she and Alex are very well suited to each other. In the first couple of books, I wasn’t sure about their relationship and I wasn’t as keen on Gemma’s character. However, she grew on me and I liked her by the end of the series. I also love Alex and his character, because he is a total sweetie.

Although they are the main couple in the books, Gemma and Alex are definitely not my favourites. That position goes to Harper and Daniel, who broke my heart several times in this book. Harper is such a strong character because, even though she doesn’t have the same power that her younger sister has, she still tried to do everything she could for her younger sister. Similarly, although Daniel could have just given up on Harper and her family, he decided to stay and protect her in numerous ways because he loved her so much. The two of them care about each other so much, and they carry on trying to be together even though they’re so much bad stuff going on around them.

Another character that deserves a mention is Marcy. She is brilliant. She brings so much fun to the novel and she’s so ready to help Gemma and Harper out in her own way. And Marcy ends up going through so much in this book and yet still carries on. Thea is also a character I like a lot because she’s such a believable character. She doesn’t want to be involved in the all drama surrounding Gemma and Penn, and I think her character is very relatable because she wants to stay away from getting hurt herself and choosing between the people in her life.

The Little Things

One thing that I was unhappy about in the book was one unresolved question that I had about Gemma and Harper’s “connection”. I don’t remember it really being explained, and it always seemed awfully convenient for one to know when the other was in trouble.

I absolutely loved this book and it was the perfect conclusion to the series. I’d recommend it to anyone who’s read the previous books, who like mythology (especially sirens) or who like lots of cute, romantic scenes.

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