Eleanor & Park

Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell I’d recently started to hear a lot of good things about this book, so when I decided I needed to buy a few new books, this was one of the first that came into my mind. I had very high expectations of the book, and it totally lived up to it. Eleanor & Park was an amazing book, which I couldn’t put down at all.


I love this cover. It’s so pretty and simple, and it shows a lot about the story and the characters. I love the simplistic feel the cover has, and it has also has a really nice colour scheme. The whole thing just looks really nice.


This book tells the story of Eleanor and Park, two outcasts who don’t quite feel like they fit in. Park is the only Asian kid in the area, and this sets him apart a little from the rest of the neighbourhood, although he still has friends and is liked in the school. When Eleanor moves back to her mother and step-father’s house, she feels like an outcast both at home and at school. She’s forced to take the bus every day, which is where she first meets Park. Neither of them are keen on each other to start, but their relationship begins to develop as they share music and comics with each other. However, Eleanor is having a hard time at home and she’s not sure how long she can cope with being there.

This book was addictive. The plot was really interesting and things kept happening all the time. To begin with, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book, but it quickly found its way into my heart. The book is told from both Eleanor and Park’s PoV’s, and the chapters are often split between them. I really liked the way some scenes were shown from both of their perspectives, and this made it so obvious how much they cared for each other.


I fell in love with both Eleanor and Park right at the beginning of the book. They’re both such well-developed characters, and they’re both really interesting with interests and a personality. I loved Eleanor, and how she developed throughout the book into this really awesome character. I also liked how she had her flaws, and that she accepted those flaws. Similarly, I also loved Park. A lot. His character was just so lovable. He was so sweet around Eleanor and all he wanted to do was to look after her. As I was reading, I fell in love with the way he talked to and about Eleanor.

The Little Things

I really liked the way Eleanor and Park would fangirl about some things together, but they could also argue about other things. It seemed like a very real relationship which had taken its time to develop, and one which the characters didn’t seem forced into.

Eleanor and Park were really adorable together too. I really can’t get enough of them.

I absolutely loved this book, and I plan on getting a proper copy rather than an ebook at the first chance I get. I loved the story, the relationship and the whole thing in general. I would definitely recommend this to fans of contemporary fiction and romance.

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